Short Review of Two by Two(U)

This film has not been advertised enough. I know that it is about a story from the bible and with what is happening around the world and such, I don’t want to say something that will offend anybody, it might put people of. I don’t think there is anything wrong with religion but it  is being portrayed as a negative thing in the news and such. It could also have nothing to do with why it is not a advertised and busy film. This is just a whole different blog topic.

Any whooo, now I have that messily cleared up lets move on to the actual film. I think it is a good twist on the story and something children would love. I have watched this film so many times now and I am still not bored. The characters in this film are well thought up and the fact that there are small colorful animals that are so different makes it so much better. I like that it is imaginative and the whole narrative and way it has been laid out is good to watch as-well.

I recommend this film as it is not that bad for parents to watch either. Something the whole family to watch and is something from the bible. Enjoy.


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