Happy Birthday to me!

So I have been busy all day today do little bits and bobs for my college exam. I have just logged on to have a read of some blogs and I get a notification saying that I first signed up to word press with my blog exactly one year ago and I am so happy I had done it. Get ready for some soppyness.

Over a year ago I would work and go to college and do nothing else so I decided to write a blog. Do something other than work and something that I enjoy doing without judgement. This is what I thought of. I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I do. I think my blog is also slowly growing which is something that really makes me so much more confident with my writing, knowing that some of the things that I am writing is good enough for some people to start following me and showing me the support I need.

I know that not many people do this and add this to their blogs. But I would like to thank the people that are following me and the people that are possibly going to follow me in the future. You have all boosted my confidence and help me so much.

Thank You.


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