Short Review of Tomorrow Land(12A)

I would just like to apologies for all of the film reviews but there are so many good films out whether they have been advertised much or not. Just encase they are boring you I thought I better apologies.

Well to start of with because of this film I have realized I have been spelling tomorrow completely wrong for a while so thanks for that film. That is hilarious but embarrassing.

But in all seriousness this is a good film. By the sounds of it not many people like this film though. In the cinema which I work at a few people have left during the film. They said they didn’t like it. I think that is where people are going wrong. It is schools half term and their parents and trying to find something for their children to do. They then see that a Disney film is on in the cinema and decide to take them to see it even though it is a 12a. It is not what people think and I think it is a little bit confusing for children which is why parents leave. That was a long story for something i could of said so simple. it is to confusing for children.

I do like this film personally. Because of some of the reviews and people walking out I was a bit hesitant of watching it. I thought it was going to be a waste of time. But a happy surprise.

The girl in this film did annoy me a little bit because, well, I know persistence is supposed to be a good thing but she was just annoying. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but this isn’t that interesting. When she went to the character that George Clooney plays house she just wouldn’t leave. I know that if she did leave potentially there would be no film. But that is not the point. She could of been less of a brat about it.

But like I have said in every other film review the editing and stuff to make the background and things flying are so cool. I haven’t seen anything like this one. It is just so interesting and I love it.

I do recommend this film but just keep in mind your children might not understand this film and it could just bore them. Enjoy.


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