Oh gosh what to say!?!

So tomorow I start my 30 hour art exam for my foundation diploma course and I am bricking it. The reason I am telling you this is because I would like to apologise in advance that there are not going to be many blogs for the next week I think. I am sat in work on a Sunday which is when I plan and write some blogs for the week to then put up during the week and I can’t think of a single thing.
I also know that I have done a few blogs lately with me jusy complaining and talking about nothing so sorry:D. But yes I am terrified about this exam I have never done one before where I have to sit in silence all day so if you have done one please let me know that it’s ok! Please.
But yes this is going to be  a short blog and I apoligise. I have got some kind of good news though. Well if you like photography that is.
So as you would know if you read most of my blog a while ago I won a camera in the Mc Donalds monopoly and I had said in planned to take more pictures. I had said that before it went into my bag of endless junk. Now I have got my self a new bag which is not big and small and handy. Now I can grab my camera (which I have named my blog camera) easy so hopefully I can take more pictures and edit then for my blog posts. I know it’s not new year BUT my new years promise to myself is to take more pictures and make my blog posts more interesting. 
Which leads me on to more blabber. Something I am going to try is a what’s in my bag blog. I know it’s on youtube loads and I havnt seen anything like it in a blog on here but oh well. There is a first time for everything. I hope this wasn’t to bad to read and thankyou for sticking with it and me. Enjoy!


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