Moving out,growing up and being independent.

I can not wait until I move out. Over a year ago my fionce moved in because his mum wasn’t very nice to him (being polite). Since then it has been two of us in a room which in all fairness is an ok size. The problem is my parents ,who are completely able to do this, think that because me and my sister are older can go out and have fun and be a bit more…..kinky. That is not fun to be around downstairs so we all re just confined to our room. We both can not wait to have our own space which we can decorate our self’s all rend if we want toast at half 3 in the morning we can without having to either hear them at it or be shouted at.
Something that I also can not wait for is to be able to cook loads of different things. My mum thinks I would fail at this but that is only because I’m not really aloud to use to cooker because I might burn the house down. But anyway. The other day I cooked something really healthy and I thought I did well. It’s simple but makes me look forward to moving out even more.


It is an omelette with onion and green pepper in. I then out it on a place with slices of cheese and some celery. Next time I am not added ins much black pepper into the omelette because my mouth can’t take that. But it was good as you can tell by the pictures I have added I am proud.


I have completely chosen what I want and where it would go in our new home and we havnt even started looking yet. I am way to excited but there is nothing wrong with that.
Sorry this has been short bit like I said in my last blog I have a art exam all week so I think I have done well with adding this one but I just love blogging and I am not being sarcastic. Enjoy!


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