Short Review of Insidious Part 3(15).

Omg this film was by fair one of the scariest films I have watched in a while. Me and my best friend watched the second film before we left the house to go to the cinema to watch this film and we didn’t think the second one was that bad. When the dad was taken over by the the ghost in the house it was quit scary  but I was OK with that film. This film however made me throw my glasses across the screen by accident. I will explain my self.

So I was pretty much crying at a part of the film that had made me jump and scared. As I lifted my glasses to wipe my eyes something else happened that was scary and made me jump forcing my hands in the air a little bit and for me to say good bye to my beloved glasses. Luckily they where OK. I have had to super glue part of them but yes they are safely on my face.

But like I said this film is scary and I totally recommend this film for any one who likes scary films. A couple of weeks ago we went and watched poltergeist which in my review on my blog I had said it was good and not very predictable like most scary films. This film is better then that one I think.

This film does seem to be a favorite with people although it hasn’t been that busy. But I do like the story line in this film and I like how the two ghost catchers or whatever they call themselves bring a bit of humor to the film as well.

I have to admit it is a little bit confusing of the order in which the films and what happens in them. I personally think that part 3 is before part 2 but after part 1. My reason for this is, sorry if I ruin it for anybody now. When the older woman is talking to the man in the cafe about not being in that business anymore he holds up a photo and tells her about how she had helped that family. I think that that little boy, are you keeping up?, is the small lad from the first part and is the grown man in the third film. The father.Understand? If you have watched them all lately you will understand.

But yes I do recommend this film. I also want to take back what I have said in a previous blog about doing my 30 hour art exam this week and probably not being able to upload blogs this week because I think I am doing well. But any way, Enjoy. ❤


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