So close but yet so fair…

So today I have reached 90 followers. I know that blogging is not about the amount of followers you have it is about (well for me) the fun of it and letting of a little bit of steam. But like I have mentioned in another couple of blogs I have a small task for myself which is to reach 100 followers. I know to some people that is not much but for me that is amazing.

I am not saying this to have some sympathy because some people are good at things and bad at things and for me i thought writing was something that i was bad at. But I enjoyed doing it. I never let anybody read what I write which is why I haven’t told anyone that I know about this blog. I probably have amazing people around me who would not judge what I have written and where I have gone wrong but that is something I feel would happen and right now I am enjoying the freedom to write with no judgment.

Part of the agreement with myself is that when I reach 100 followers I would tell my fiance about my blog and maybe show him. As I slowly rise to my goal I am getting more and more confident with my writing and people reading it and that is all thanks to you and everybody who follows me and supports me.

This is only going to be short. I know I have already done a blog like this that is similar but thank you.


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