YouTube. Do or Don’t?

This is going to be quit a short blog but I thought seeing as I am enjoying blogging so much I could give a YouTube channel a try but I am not quit sure if it would work. So this could easily be a blog of me talking myself out of it then into it. We shall see how it goes.

But yes I want to because I think it would be fun. I have a good camera, I have the room, I can get the software to edit them and make them interesting and I am not struggling with creating ideas for blogs so hopefully I would get ideas for YouTube videos.

Obviously I would totally keep my blog because this is like my little baby that is growing with me. Obviously I would have to tell people that I have the blog soon. Or at least my boyfriend/fiance who I am planning on spending the rest of my life with, yes that could be something to add to my do list.

Yes, I think I am going to consider having a channel more seriously because it is something I can really show my personality on. I am one of these people who sometimes can be loud and confident but most of the time quit until I really get to know somebody then I can be myself around them. Which is why I feel I am enjoying this so much because I don’t get judged. But yikes.

There is nothing I can lose really. If it goes wrong I am young and have skills, I can always just move to somewhere were no humans live. Like in the middle of some sort of jungle. The possibilities.

But in all seriousness I think I will because I think it will benefit me more then i expect it to. Now I just need some courage. Thanks for your help:D enjoy<3.


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