Planning and ideas for blogs.

So I am the worst for writing things down and keeping them safe. If I carry around a notebook with me I forget I have it and just don’t get it out but then when I do need a notebook I wont have one with me and then lose the piece of paper that I wrote on. It is a vicious circle.

Something that I have come up with which is helping me a lot is. I have downloaded the app for word press on my phone. Sadly the one object I don’t go anywhere without. Because of this the minute I have an idea for a new blog, as long as I have some sort of internet, I write the title of that certain idea and save it as a draft. Right now I have so many title to last me the next week if I want to upload a blog everyday which is what I am planning so we shall see.

I would like to come up with something where I can plan out my blogs more better and make them a lot more interesting. I have seen and followed some blogs that are ten times better then the little posts that I have added. I am hoping that when I finish college next month I will be able to get a new full time job and have a little bit more time on my hands to put more effort into these blog posts.

Something that I really enjoy doing it writing reviews on objects that I buy. So once I get a full time job I hope to be able to buy some makeup products or other things to write reviews about and be honest with how they are and what they are like. I am looking forward to that.

We will soon find out how it will all end up when I have more time. 😀 enjoy.


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