Coping in a 30 hour Art exam!?!

The Friday that has just been was the last day of my 30 hour exam and it was long. I’m sure many people have been through this terrible experience. Monday to Friday, 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. I completely understand that for many people that is a normal working day and I just sound like I am winging over nothing. But the extra stress of knowing that if I mess up even the slightest that could change my grade to a lower one and I really would like this diploma added to my CV for a good job.

I have to admit that what I was doing I really enjoyed. When I first started sewing and cutting I was not that excited because of the stress that I was under. I had put so much stress on myself. Luckily everybody around me was either in the same position or very supportive and helped as much as possible. So I can imagine I didn’t have it as bad as some people could of. I would imagine that people would take things they enjoyed to end up having a long exam like 30 hours.

Any way, how I coped? Lots of water and coffee. Unfortunately for me I also had my wisdom teeth playing up so I pretty much sang the whole time because it is either that or crying and I didn’t want tears on my final piece so singing it was. It is an exam and was supposed to be exam conditions but the teacher understood that we all couldn’t keep quite all day, it just wasn’t really fair. We are all old enough to know we shouldn’t be on phones and every other rule so they pretty much just left us to it.

To cope with exams in general I would say to not over revise. Yes revising is important and something you should do for an exam. But to much will either stress you out so much you fluster and not remember anything or you just wear yourself out and could make yourself ill. Take water into the exam with you and have some sort of fruit with your breakfast. It will give you positive, sugar so more energy.

I wanted to write this blog so hopefully I can relate to some people that may be in there exam period and stressing. But while writing this I also think yes we are having exams which effect our future but I feel bad about that. In other countries groups of people are terrorizing other people and doing awful things to them and all we have to worry about is an exam we are taking. Just be thankful that that is not happening to us.

Sorry that took a turn for the worst, I just think that there is a point where people need to stop stressing and realize that there are people going through worse.


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