Leaving College. How?

So I have had a bit if a break and not blogged for a little big and I thought I would kick of again with the sad fact I leave college pretty much now. Officially net month but I don’t need to go in to college properly for a couple if weeks. Then I go in, collect my stuff and leave again. Oh sad times.
I don’t want to leave that much because I have really enjoyed it more then the last couple of months of my sixth form. I have also made such such a great friend, hopefully for life and then some other amazing friends which I didn’t realize would be that good for so long. I have also met a couple of people who where so fricking annoying I didn’t think it was possible to be that annoying at all. But all has gone well. And I hope I get a good grade to take on to an apprentiship or job that I achieve.
Like I have already said in a previous blog I don’t want to go to uni because I feel like that is a lot of money which I don’t want to have to pay of for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. Well I don’t think I would.
I just want the simple life. I want to have a decent job with a decent income which I enjoy. A nice cute little house with my boyfriend/fionce and to have a dog. Maybe 2 or 3 or 4.
Sorry this is short bit I can not wait for the next chapter of my life. There is not much to say but I wanted to say something because this is a big deal for me and my blog is kind of my diary so sorry for that hehe. I hope that you are succeeding in life and what you want to so and achieve. I are so hope that you are happy with it. Enjoy!.


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