The problems of having a boyfriend with long blonde hair.

So me and my boyfriend/fiancé have been together for 5 years on the 27th of January.  The whole time of being together the most asked question is. How does it feel having a boyfriend with longer hair then you? And that is where I look at them straight in the eye and start to cry. I love my hair. I am not a girly girl but one thing I can not deal with is scruffy untidy hair. So I thought I might share the problems which I have learnt over the past years.

1-Lose all hairbrushes.

God help me if I get up after him and want to brush my hair. All of my hairbrushes would of disappeared because he has to brush his hair properly. He loves a good hair brush.

2-Having nicer hair then me.

He has amazing long blonde hair which is constantly straight so he gets up, brushes it and perfect. The only time I think it is acceptable to hit him. I am joking I don’t hit him. Let me just put that clear.

3-I lay on his hair all the time in bed.

His hair is so long that he has to put it in a ahead band anyway. But when he comes to bed we can not contain it at all. It goes everywhere. And I manage to lay on piece of it. Somehow.

4-Steals all of my headbands.

I manage to end up with no headbands at all with him using all of them. He uses all of them at the same time I swear.

5-Bad hair days.

I have bad hair days, all of the time. I don’t even want to mention the couple of days of I have here and there where I just don’t bother at all. And then standing next to somebody who has long blond hair makes me look even worse. I hate it.

I just want to make it clear that I love him to pieces and he is my world. We are planning of getting married and everything but I am so close to cutting his long hair of in his sleep and some how stapling it to my own head. Enjoy.


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