Trying something new…

I will be the first to admit that I’m not good with change. I like to be in charge with what I am doing and what happens. It is just something that makes me feel comfortable. I am not a control freak or bossy but I do take charge when needed which is something I think works well. But when it comes to change, I don’t do it much. I plan it so if it’s the thought that counts then I think I deserve a round of applause.
I am going to completely cobtridict myself now but when I am having a huge clean up in my room or house I do move things around a lot which I think does end up looking good, clean and tidy. When I say making changes I mean huge changes like spending more time on my hair and makeup and clothes. I don’t do that. I love a good hair day and I always think that your hair is part of your outfit. But luckily for me my hair looks decent when I brush it.
I know that that is not much but I feel like I have more important things in the day to do then spend more then 20 mins on my hair and makeup. I am also way to lazy and would rather spend that time in bed sleeping then doing anything at all.
I do want to make some changes and I shouldn’t be scared to because I am young and have plenty of opportunities to mess up with the options and changes I make. I think it is interesting to make changes and I am especially lucky because I have a boyfriend who will support me with everything I do so no matter what I have somebody there with me. I understand that npt everybody has that option which is why I’m going to try and use my options and take opportunities as much as possible. I feel like this blog has taken a completely different direction to what I have named it but oh well. I am going to keep it and see how it changes. Interesting. Anyway.
Take chances and make changes where necessary. Happy mistakes can also happen so don’t be afraid. Enjoy.


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