Update- Because why not?

So as I sit watching the voice I am loving how everything is coming together. This is where it will be a short blog but it is going to drone of so I apologise now.

I am close to another driving test so cross your fingers for me because I need to pass this one. Then after I pass my test our plan is to move out and get out own place. And it is all so close to happening. Before you no it I will be driving all over the place and sleeping on my own couch.

Also my big news of I am now engaged!?!. Sorry everyone out there who thought they had a chance. I’m joking. But once me move in it will be time to get the wedding going God 2016 is completely my year and I am so excited.

I will finish my probation in work and be an official support worker with most of my training and everything done and dusted.

I just can’t belive how fair I am coming and what is happening this year. Being able to drive is my dream and then everything is coming along with it and it’s amazing! I hope your year is going great and have plenty coming up just like me.

Enjoy ❤


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