Short Review of the TV program White Collar.

So as you may know I am obsessed with Netflix. It is my life. My one and only. The best purchase of 2015. And on Netlflix I have found a program which I binged watched for a good week. It is called White collar.

I am in love with Neal Caffrey. I just want him. Yummy. OK so it is about a man who is an amazing con artist and a FBI agent called Peter Burke who chased him down for 3 year to arrest him. Then he realised he needs Neals help to capture another criminal. They come up with this arrangement of Neal being under Peter’s supervision with a anklet on to catch the bad guys. After catching a few he just didn’t go back to prison. They become close friends and the program is about that pretty much. There is a new criminal each episode pretty much but it obviously has its on going story lines which you will grow to love once you start to watch it.

Honestly I am not in love for no reason. This is a great program and I recommend it. You can thank me later. I hope you have had a good day.



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