Just Words

Bio: I love to have a natter which is why I have started this blog. I am your typical 19 year old girl. Two jobs in collage looking for work and have plenty to talk about. I write about all sorts from different tips to films and relationships. there is nothing I wont cover. I like to think I bring humour to what i write and I love writing so expect plenty of blogs from my hidden hobby. Films- I have worked in my local cinema for the past 4/5 years so I can watch all the films I desire. I like to say I write a review on them but It probably isn't. It is just me either thinking it is great or just complaining. Stuff- I work in a pub also. Now this gives me so much to talk about and get annoyed over. This is were the blog comes in as well. It gives me somewhere to rant about stupid drunk antics. Review- When I get something new I use it a lot! This means I will know quit a lot about it. Then I write about it. Well as you can probably tell I can natter a lot. I get it from my Nanna. Anyway have a read and I hope you like it.

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